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A Little History (of a little parish).

The parish of Little Cruddock was once, of course, tiny in relation to its bigger neighbour, Great
Cruddock. But that was in the 1700s before the ravages of the Blight took hold and decimated the
farming and trading community of Great Cruddock. Little Cruddock, however, was mercifully
spared due to the use of roadside footbaths containing a natural organic disinfectant, similar to
today's Deettol ™, made from the then-secret ingredients derived from ancient country lore and
magick. It was also given in liberal dosages to the still-healthy sheep, resulting in high levels of
immunity to the Bollock-blight. While Great Cruddock declined and faded to nothing except empty
fields and meadows, Little Cruddock became the powerhouse of the community that it is today,
with Church, Post Office, Village shop, Blacksmith, Nursery School and, until the recent closure of
the The Diving Mermaid, a public house. The light industrial estate at nearby Linwell is soon set to
face competition from a smaller version in Little Cruddock, to be called Cruddock Traders Ltd.
featuring computer supplies, white goods, G-nomes Showroom and garden machinery.

St Olive’s, Little Cruddock Parish.

As you will know, we have been without a permanent vicar at St Olive’s since January 2009. There
has been difficulty in finding suitable candidates for the role in Little Cruddock but the Bishop of
Clutterbury has kindly consented to making a temporary appointment while we take stock and think
about the best way to move things forward. We are therefore delighted to announce that the Revd
Dennis Small will be licensed as part-time Priest-in-Charge of St Olives’s for 12 months from 1st
January 2013. Dennis has been a regular visiting priest at St Olives’s during the current vacancy and
we are thrilled that he will be taking an even more active part in the life of our parish after the roof
repairs are complete, courtesy of our “white goods” benefactor Freezit-Kwik. Little Cruddock is
very fortunate to benefit from Dennis's ministry and we look forward to working with him. Proper
gent and Saint-in-the-making, our Dennis.

St Cleve Parish.
St Cleve Parish Church The pretty and ornate St Cleve Parish Church is a small Anglo-Saxon origin Anglican church on the Western margins of St Cleve.

In 1270 the Abbot gave patronage of the church to the Bishop of Clutterbury who retained it until the 19th century. St Cleve was in the Chabworth Rural Deanery until 1866 when it became the Calthorpe South Rural Deanery. In 1887 it became part of the Dippenford Rural Deanery. In 1956 the Rectory of Linwell and the Vicarage of St Cleve amalgamated. They parted in 1987 and the Benefice of Doubletree, Marriott and Fairmont was created in 2007. From 1987 the vicar of the amalgamated benefice lived in Gabbleton. In 2004 the trainee Curate lived in St Cleve which is now part of the Deanery of North Somerset. Clear so far?

Our church building is in Upper Cleve but we also work closely with other village organisations and those attending our activities and services come from a variety of backgrounds and places as far afield as Little Cruddock and Linwell.

Rev. Godfrey Pitcher We have been working within the context of the Diocese of Clutterbury growth programme. This seeks to “create communities of wholeness with Christ at the centre” and to enable the church to grow in vigorous commitment, partnership, influence and numbers. And we are seeking to create in St Cleve a community of hope. So, what's going on? Even the Bishop asked this question.

Well, for starters, we have a wide range of activities and services for all ages. Full details are in the church building. Pick up a free copy of the brochure, "What's there for me at St Cleve?" Now that St Olive's is set to close for some time, we welcome its tiny and declining congregation and can promise them, at St Cleve, a far better and altogether more professional religious product within the Anglican Communion. Visiting celebrity priest, The Revd Godfrey Pitcher, well-known and loved for his repartee and rapier wit can be relied upon to fill the house with compassion, reflection, laughter, scorn and vitriol. As long-time previous resident of the Parish, Godfrey (Godot, to his mates) knows how to pull the strings, push the buttons and tweak the tails of the faithful and faithless alike.

Who’s who at St Cleve Parish Church?
Vicar: Revd Max Quad 01314 577118
Wardens: Angela de Groot, 01313 860754 & Tarquin Parritt 01314 860494
Lay Ministers: Rachel Towpath 01314 861035 & Harry Frapp 01314 860475
Pastoral Support: Julia Feeley-Parritt 01312 860930

Sunday 15th April (truncated service)

Holy Communion Mattins

Book of Common Prayer sung by the Vicars Choral Godfrey and Jubilate in E by The Reverend

Max Quad, Treasurer and Priest in Residence. Organ recital by Tarquin Parritt. The Organ Grinder's
Psalm, Jimmy Smith and the Iron Tower of Babylon, Reginald Dixon.

8.00 am

Holy Communion Mattins

Book of Common Prayer

Responses illuminare plainsong Psalm 89. 20-30 Hymns 51, 49 (ii)

9.15 am

Responses illuminare plainsong Psalm 145. 1-12 Hymns 54 (ii), 137


Sketch in F minor (Op. 58 No. 3) sung by the Vicars Choral Godfrey a tre voci Carissimi O salutaris hostia Charpentier, Minor Canon and Sacrist Christ, unser Herr, zum Jordan (BWV 684) J. S. Bach

Canticles Preacher Voluntary Sung Eucharist Setting

Te Deum and Benedictus (First Service) Sheppard The Reverend Max Quad, Treasurer and priest in Residence Voluntary in D minor Purcell

11.31 am

Schumann Hymns 50 (338) (omit vv 4, 5), 58 (84) (omit vv 4, 5), 56 (omit v 4), CFC 47

11. 47 am

Missa O magnum mysterium Victoria Quod chorus vatum Tallis The Reverend Max Quad,
Clutterbury Area Missioner Prelude and Fugue in C major (BWV 547) J. S. Bach

Hymns 336, SP 217 (NEH 385), 487, 55

Anthem Preacher Voluntary

Anthem Preacher Voluntary

3.18 pm

Evensong Canticles

sung by the Bishop of Clutterbury Choral Magnificat Buxtehude Nunc dimittis plainsong Tribus
miraculis Merulo The Reverend Max Quad, Prelude and Fugue in G minor Brahms Encircling the
Land with Sacred Dance

3.41 pm

The Holy Mount Procession An atmospheric liturgy of music, words and movement,
Anthem Preacher Voluntary

Responses Psalm 46 Hymns 48, 242, 46 (214 ii)

4.58 pm

Organ Recita Eucharist, Quentin Parritt
to celebrate the shining forth of God in the world in Jesus Christ.

6.07 pm

Eucharist again.

We humbly and sincerely apologise for the brevity of the Services this Sunday due to the football
and the Holby City Omnibus repeat on BBC1.

Revd Max Quad.


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